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R.W. Howard Surveying, Inc.

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Other Services

Many other services are offered to assist you in your land planning and development needs:

Photo/aerial overlays:  In some cases, it may be required or helpful to have an aerial or satellite image overlayed relative to a parcel boundary to locate or give relative position to objects or features on the ground.  This service can be very useful in certain instances and we are glad to provide such a service.

FEMA Flood Certificates:  With the recent release of updated FEMA flood maps, many mortgage lenders are requiring additional flood insurance for structures which may or may not be located in a flood hazard area.  In many cases, a special flood certificate is required to establish a house is not located in such an area.  This is one of the many services offered.

Land Planning and Development:  In many cases, development and/or construction must be permitted and approved by local government bodies prior to construction. Such cases may be in regard to House Location Plans (HLP's) and septic approval, driveway locations, setback and zoning variances, or other related issues.  Experience and familiarity with such ordinances are traits which can aid in a speedy process with your land development needs.

Whatever your special case may be, please call or contact and we would be more than happy to assist you in your endeavors!
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