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Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are the most basic types of surveys. Prior to conducting a survey, an examination of public records is carried out to ensure that the property line which is to be located or marked is in accordance with these legal documents.  This is usually accomplished by researching the available information from the tax assessor and county courthouse, but also should include unrecorded information such as previous surveys and testimonial information from the property owner and neighbors.  With this information, a boundary survey is performed to identify the bounds of the subject parcel.
Boundary surveys may be as limited as locating and marking a single portion of a property line, or can be more complete, requiring the entire property to be surveyed, platted, and recorded for purposes of the sale or transfer of the property.
Whatever the situation, a proper boundary resolution will be performed to best suit your needs.  Please contact us for more information or to discuss the need to have the boundaries of your property properly identified.
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