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Construction Surveys

Construction surveys are used in order to facilitate in the the development or improvement of a piece of property.  The proposed improvements of a parcel of land are "layed out" or "staked" to provide a construction specialist the information he or she needs to accurately place the improvements on the ground.
A construction survey can be as simple as positioning a house or other building accurately on a piece of land, or can be as complex as identifying the horizontal and vertical position of a road, storm, or sewer line.
Working in conjunction with the developer or contractor of a project is integral in this construction process, as it is important to show others what they want to see and how they want to see it.  Again, good communication skills and the ability to work with other people are traits which allow the process to proceed with as few problems as possible.
In addition, I am recognized by the GSWCC (Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission) as a Level II Design Professional, which allows for the design and and implementation of erosion control plans, which are often mandated with any major land disturbance activities.
If you have a construction or development project which requires such qualities, please contact us for any relevant services which you might require.
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